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You can do these workouts or just skip them and buy the Santa shorts. Both will help. 

Above you'll find programs written by me, for you, to get in the gym and start working on building and toning muscle.


Every twelve weeks, I'll be releasing 9 workouts for you to incorporate into a regular gym routine and track how your strength progresses. Every week I'll also be emailing out four additional, abbreviated total body workouts focusing on upper, lower, and full body as well as one targeted workout.

Enjoy the catalog, but first some important clarifications and pointers after the jump!



We're incorporating both heavy power weights and then medium weight endurance exercises - that means we're not grabbing weights we can do 1,000 reps with and stopping after a couple. We're using weights that make us fail -- so if you're not struggling to finish a set, make that shit heavier!


The exercises aren't gender specific, or said differently, the boys and the girls are following the same program with their varying, respective weights. To dispel some prevailing and unfortunate stereotypes and tendencies about weightlifting:


Ladies, you're not going to get 'bulky' because you lifted a heavy weight. Unless you have ten years and are on a regular testosterone injection cycle, pretty safe bet you're not going to end up looking like me. Your body will adapt and grow strong in its own, observable way.


Similarly but the opposite, fellas, you're not going to get ripped if you load up the bar with one billion pounds when in reality you can only do a couple million. I promise nobody at the gym cares what amount of weight you're lifting, but they definitely care how you're lifting it. Start at the right weight for you and the results will come.

Monologue behind us, let me know if you're going to try one of these workouts or full programs out! Even I'm not the best at personally cataloguing my weight per exercise, but try noting which weight you used at the beginning of the month, then the end, as a metric for progress. 


And finally, remember these workouts are just a guide! You're ultimately responsible for your own safety and well-being since I can't physically be in the room with you. Listen to your body and don't ignore anything that may be signaling too much strain - one decade of working out later I can confidently say I've never suffered a weightlifting-related injury with that simple precaution. Better to miss a day than a month than a year!

If you have any questions, comments, before/after pictures, PRs to reports, anything at all - hit me up on IG! I'd love to hear about it and help. Let's GO!

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