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peloton cycle for sale
peloton cycle for sale
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"I was absolutely furious with Bobby and Izzi when they showed me I had no excuse to be lazy during quarantine. It’s easy to stay motivated when every class is challenging, fun, varied, and, to be honest, hilarious. 30lbs lost and body fat percentage down 14% with the help of Bobby and Izzi!"

Dan The Man, NYC 


"I found Bobby through group fitness on a whim when I was in a really bad place with my body after an injury. The first thing you'll notice about Bob is how seriously he takes his job. Being in the fitness industry myself, it's easy to see the difference between trainers who got into the industry because they're naturally athletic and good at training themselves versus the trainers who have a genuine passion for helping others feel stronger. Bob is the latter.


His presence makes any work out welcoming and approachable. And his programming is always thoughtful and effective. I've consistently taken his group classes for nearly eight months and have never been stronger in my entire life. I will follow him to any Zoom class, studio, or gym. If you trust in Bob, whatever goal you'll looking to achieve, he'll get you there."

Emi & Chickpea, NYC

"Bobby and Izzi are the BEST!! For years, I’ve had a hip injury and decided to schedule surgery for last May. Exercise has always been a huge part of my life, and my hip was so limiting that I felt like I couldn’t do the one thing that kept me sane — especially during the pandemic.


I started doing classes and personal training with Bobby and Izzi before my surgery, and not only did they find PLENTY of exercises that I could do (and were HARD), but they remembered the modifications that I needed and would call them out in class.


It was amazing to be able to do what I love, and I was so strong going into my surgery that my doctors have been blown away by my speedy recovery. They are the most thoughtful, supportive, and fun trainers in the WORLD and Westside workouts has completely changed my life during the pandemic and through my injury." 

Katie L, NYC


“Westside Workouts is the energy and community you need during what is absolutely still a pandemic. Whether you want to spin, run, or lift - there are a variety of options and it’s almost impossible not to find something that works for you (unless you love making excuses). Plus you get a lot of dad jokes, killer dance moves, and stunning visuals of puppies and farm animals!! This duo makes working out just a little more fun....”

Taylor, NYC 


— Name, Title

"Bobby, Izzi, and Ellie changed my perspective on working out and setting achievable goals. Working out is something I look forward to for the first time since playing for an organized team and it makes it more fun! Their playlists are always on point and my mood is always better after a workout. 🥳"

Alanna, NYC


"Bobby and Izzi put on the  most effective and entertaining boot camps and spin classes I’ve ever been a part of. Even in a remote setting, they engage with their clients in a way that makes you feel feet away."

Maggie, NC 


“Bobby and Izzi are the ultimate fitness duo - they’ve been training me for over 2 years and my body is the best it’s ever been (at nearly 30). Not to mention they keep things fun with their playful energy and banter!”

Nina, NYC


"If you could capture lightning in a bottle and then give that lightning a slim waist, cute face, and a big behind, only THEN would have the first ten minutes of a Westside workout. I'll die before I stop coming to class."

Ryan, Hamptons


"If you want to f**king party and get in the best workout with the best people, these two will put you to the test."

Marissa, NYC


-Taylor, NYC 

"Izzi and Bobby are amazing spinning and boot camp instructors, bringers of much needed laughter and silliness, excellent a** kickers and human ‘rents to one of the best doggos, Ellie. They have been essential to my sanity and “buffness” during these crazy times!!!! Never stop please :)"

Rachel & Molly, NYC


"Bobby and Izzi (and Ellie) have created the most inclusive fitness community during a time where everyone is remote. They care about their people - and take the time to get to know you outside the ZOOM room. Their workouts are challenging, their music is boppin', and their banter is hilarious. I'm both physically and mentally stronger because of them."

Tara M, NYC


"As someone who never thought they could keep up in a bootcamp style class and basically avoided them to risk humiliation in front of the NYC fitness community, Bobby & Izzi have completely changed my mind about fitness and what I am capable of. They are incredible teachers on the bike and on the mat, listen to and take suggestions from their clients and they are your biggest fans along the way. The amount of care they put into their work is unparalleled and I cannot shut up about them!"

Kate C, NYC


This could be you!

Anybody, USA

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