Bobby Westside

(or Robert McMullen, slightly less catchy)

Hey that's me: I'm a NASM-certified trainer with a specialization in athletic performance. I've been involved in fitness since the summer after I graduated high school, when I realized I'd need more than dad jokes to enjoy the college experience. There, I'd commit big time to the exercise lifestyle (as well as the binge drinking one) and eventually went into investment banking for three years after graduating from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Business in 2013.


Burned out from the sedentary work and long hours, I tried to bridge my passion with my profession and joined Flywheel as an associate on their finance and strategy team for two years. 300 indoor cycling and 100 boot camps later, I decided to finally apply myself as an instructor, becoming one of Flywheel's top performers before also joining the excellent team at Barry's.

Flash forward to 2020: me and my gal Izzi have been displaced from New York City, instead recording an incredible number of online spin classes and fitness bootcamps. We're lucky to have such great people behind us and supporting us, and look forward to continuing this until whatever is next!

Izzi Lynn Headshot

Izzi Lynn

(known affectionately as Izzi Lynn)

After a two decades of chasing soccer balls (I was good at this) and missing layups (not so good at this), I decided that I was ready to take my love of fitness from hobby to career. With my college diploma still hot off the press from Emory University, I jumped at the chance to teach cycling at Flywheel Sports. Three years later, I was a top downtown instructor and one of New York City’s premier legging-owners. 


Besides finding dope remixes, meeting thousands of incredible people and wearing various holiday inspired outfits to class, I also found Bobby! He was wearing very loud patterned pants at the company Christmas party when I first noticed him, which felt on brand for me so I knew I had to pursue him. Fast forward to 2020, we fled New York in search of more space (check) and great WiFi (…) and now the three of us hit Zoom on the daily to sweat with people all over the country!

Ellie Westside

(or Ellie McMullen, she literally doesn't know words)

As the saying goes, behind every great man is a longer woman.


We got Ellie for Christmas in 2017, driving 3.5 hours each way to deep Pennsylvania to acquire what would become the silliest looking life-changer Manhattan has ever laid paws on. Since then, she's been my rock and ultimately the main catalyst for changing things up and chasing my professional dreams in fitness.