Music, right? The most important part of any workout, even with a ruggedly handsome and relentlessly charming instructor telling you what to do.

Every week I'm adding twenty, yes 2-0, songs for your listening and lifting delight. Crispy ear snacks that are guaranteed to power up any warrior to conquer their workout ambitions. We've been doing this since January 2020, which means it's a library with well-well-well-over 1,000 remixes! Whoa.

I've also taken matters into my own hands and started to actually create the remixes I need for classes to be extremely and exceptionally electric. You can listen to them below the playlists, or just ignore them completely. Either or.

So check them out below! Throw a follow if you want to stay the most current, and let me know if you have any song, artist, genre requests or anything for the upcoming week!

Uncle Bob's

Homemade Bops