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Hey you! This is the central information highway for working out with us (Bobby and Izzi).


Below you can click through any of three ways, but note some other important things further down.


You can also sign up for weekly Sunday night emails that keep you apprised of the latest news, classes, and music at the bottom!

Some Things You Should


1) We teach live on Zoom every day! That's twelve classes every week, seven on a bike and five with weights!

2) On Demand is only available to our unlimited members! For $100 a month, you can take any Zoom class you want (or none!), plus get access to over 100 exclusive workouts On Demand. We also post every Zoom to the vault.


If you don't want to exchange money for services rendered, however...

3) Check out our Free Classes for a sample of what 300+ classes you're missing On Demand, plus another hundred free programs, PLUS anything you can dig up from our IGTV over @westsidexworkouts.

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