Join our community of clients working out with us both on Zoom and On Demand



You can catch us live 7 days a week, or access the exclusive recorded content 24 hours a day 



We've worked harder than anyone to be a one-stop shop for your strength and conditioning needs




Along with a recording catalog of *all* our previously live classes, we shoot and produce six to eight exclusive workouts a week for unlimited members. These include themed rides and targeted workout classes. You can preview some free content below, or email/DM us for access to the whole gosh darn library.



Every day of the week you can find me and Izzi on Zoom teaching a live class. One of those is a bootcamp and the other is a cardio combo indoor cycling and running class.


You can take one class for $10 a pop, or for $100 a month you can take all of them, including both concepts as well as individual access to our On Demand Vault with over 600 recorded workouts (more on that below).



Pandemic and all, my private clients and I have maintained our routine (for the most part) using Zoom and  FaceTime. I only have room for one or two more clients right now, but if you're interested reach out and we can discuss goals, timing, and your ideal pricing!





Water is the essence of wetness, and so is music. I find the internet's best workout music in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet so we can each enjoy class even more. I don't post all my music  but every week you I give you 20 new songs: 10 on Soundcloud and 10 on Spotify. Click below and follow!

And if you made it this far and need an introduction: my name's Bobby. I *was* a New York City personal trainer and group fitness instructor until I got displaced with my girlfriend to the wonderful Virginia countryside.
Alongside my g(ood)f(riend) Izzi, we provide live as well as on-demand workouts, including both programs and actual classes, for all of our clients.
When we left the city in mid-March, we knew we'd have to find a way to stay in touch with our fitness friends and clients (and also stay in shape ourselves). We quickly created the Westside Workouts Instagram page to collaborate on fitness for the people, which you can find HERE.  
After a month, we realized that most of you missed class, but also missed the routine and accountability of pre-pandemic life. That's when we pivoted to Zoom and started stockpiling the Vault with all of our class and workout content. I can promise you it's some of the best fitness production out there, and the sheer combination of quantity and quality you receive for $100 pays for itself. Check out a few videos HERE for a preview, then reach out for more!
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So, Yeah.

Reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about private training, the workouts, the music, purchasing my dog, etc!

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