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Welcome to the secret stash! The first rule of the secret stash, is of course, do not talk about the secret stash. Please discreetly enjoy these 35 videos from the job I never had.  Some quick programming notes:

  • Classes labeled "AI" have some weird coaching about which way to face because the mirror was meant to sense the user's movement and give them points for good reps. We had to stick to movements the camera could detect, so they're also a little limited in terms of creative class programming. I did my best.

  • Any weird moves I do are probably because those are the ones the cameras had the ability to sense (looking at you, jumping lunges and 180-degree squat jumps).

  • And finally, we didn't have licensed music, but I think the audio guys did pretty well honestly. Okay. Enjoy!


20m HIIT AI #1
10m Bodyweight Strength #2
10m Core Strength #3
10m HIIT AI #2
10m Bodyweight AI #1
10m Core AI #3
10m HIIT #3
10m Bodyweight Strength #1