On top of being your favorite group fitness guy, I'm also a NASM-certified personal trainer with a specialization in performance enhancement (like sports, you sicko).

Below you can schedule a time that works for you if you're interested! Once you schedule, I'll email right back to discuss things like your preferred location, your goals, ways we can shrink my dog, etc.

Your first session is $50 plus whatever gym fees may be required, and if you're happy with that introduction we can discuss session pricing and packages from there! 

Another popular option, besides one-on-one training, is small group training. In the past a group of anywhere from 2 to 5 friends or roommates have basically split the cost of a single session among a few of them. Consider it a private bootcamp for less than than the price of the red room.

Anyway, click through the calendar below and if you're interested book a spot! We'll discuss rate as well as duration, frequency, and other exciting buzzwords once you sign up.