My name's Bobby. I'm a New York City personal trainer and group fitness instructor who's ensuring my clients can meet their personal and professional goals both inside and outside of the studio.
This website was created to centralize my scattered schedule between two boutique fitness companies and my personal training business, while providing a home for new, original content like my custom workout plans and music database. 
Below the next paragraph I have a little if-you-wanna-support-me email sign up:
The current plan is to use it to provide 4 additional, abbreviated workouts every week (probably Sunday) to complement the quarterly program released here every three months. So on top of the nine workouts I'm already distributing, you'll be getting 1 upper body, 1 lower body, 1 full body, and 1 specific body workout (just arms, just legs, etc) weekly.
In that same email I'll be sending my schedule for the week ahead, so you know if I'm subbing anywhere or doing giveaways, plus music updates, and anything else I think might be relevant!
*I'm putting this email thing first so you know it exists, but absolutely poke around a little bit and then come back if you need to see who's gonna be up in that inbox once a week with workouts, music, relationship advice, you know, the classics. 


Four times a year I'm providing monthly gym programs for you to incorporate into your routine to develop strength and athletic functionality. Leave your email back at the top and I'll complement that with four total body workouts every week.



Here you can find my group fitness calendar as well as availability for any personal training you may be interested in, whether an introductory session or a weekly commitment


My hot take is that music is the most important part of your workout so check here for weekly additions to Soundcloud and Spotify playlists that should add some flaming hot fire to your daily sweat.



Before training there was finance, and during that time I created the sabermetrics of fitness, a system of data-driven models to evaluate both total company and individual instructor performance. Anyway, I consult a couple of times of year if you or somebody you know is interested.


So, Yeah.

Reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about private training, the workouts, the music, purchasing my dog, etc!

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