Come join Ashley & Rayna as we celebrate the global podcasting sensation, Dewey, with a playlist devoted to woman's best friend! Go to Book below and sign up for the only option, Feb 1st 6:30p, to get the Zoom info sent straight to your inbox!


You can ride or run to our 45 minute class, no matter which bike you have or indoor/outdoor place you're running. Hell even 45 is optional, do 30 and leave.


For bikes, we'll call out resistances on a 0-100 scale, corresponding to Peloton, Bowflex, Schwinn, and any bike that goes to 100. If yours doesn't, just take a simple percentage. If you have no numbers, just ride by feel!

We'll also call out a completely separate running program for the same playlist! For instance, we'll tell the runners they have a 1 minute base pace followed by 1 minute fast pace and cue when to go. Don't worry, there's plenty of chances for recovery :)

And that's all you need to know! We'll take care of the rest. See you soon!

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